Blowfish Sushi Redesign concept, design and construction by Ryan Montgomery

Blowfish Sushi, a popular restaurant in San Francisco, approached Geary and Hyde Design to update the look and feel of their enviroment. While many Sushi restaurants subscribe to a particular aesthetic I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the environment as a whole. In working with the executive chef we realized that the dining experience is an immersive one. Bringing the elments of swaying sea grass and cresting white water we created a soothing atmosphere reminscent of the ocean's depth and serenity.

It is important to us that the environment not only be it's own work of art but that it also conveys a feeling of intentional design. A truly immersive dining experince is created here by investing in a wholistic approach. From dishware, countertops, and the food to natural materials, elegant design and lighting; Blowfish becomes not just another restaurant but a dining experience.

The entire installation was built at our shop over the course of three months and installed over seven days on location.