Art Installation and Production Design

There's virtually no limit to the size of art Geary and Hyde Design can create. In the past three years we've grown by leaps and bounds. The broad range of projects include set designs for the veteren Burning Man camp DUSTFISH the creation of the Ice Pyrates' Esplanade Camp, and multiple large scale art installations at Ghost Ship, Love Boat, The Midway, Wisdom 2.0 at the Palace of Fine Arts and The Exploratorium. By sourcing The Bay Area's best design and creative talent we build creative teams to solve big design challenges.

Contact us to discuss your wildest ideas and we'll work with you to make something unique for your event. We can also do art direction or production design to create your event's unique aesthetic and maximize it's artistic impact.

click here to learn more about the DUSTFISH build
click to learn more about the Ghost Ship build
click here to learn more about the Exploratorium build
click to learn more about the Love Boat build

Custom Signage

Geary and Hyde creates custom signage from a wide variety of materials. Whether it's acrylic, wood, leather, or steel we can make something that suits your needs and expresses your brand's unique identity. We cut everything from large format CNC to smaller laser cut projects.

CNC Milling and Laser Cutting

We cut custom parts for architectural, industrial, and artistic applications. Let us help you realize your vision by creating custom parts and coponents.

Identity Design

Geary and Hyde has designed logos and branding for companies like Sutter Health, DUSTFISH Village, The Dustbus Art Car, and others. We can help you move your identity forward and build your brand through creative graphics. We also work closely with vendors to produce top quality prints, apparel, stickers and other promotional products.

Comissioned Artwork

Geary and Hyde's lead designer Ryan Montgomery is available to create custom artwork or murals by commission. Contact Ryan to discuss your project.